Notes to Customers/Business Partners about COVID-19/Omicron outbreak in Hong Kong/China
17 March 2022

Due to rapidly worsening COVID-19/Omicron outbreak in different provinces in China recently, the Government imposed lockdown or mandatory quarantines in some cities in order to contain the spread of coronavirus. To some extent, flight/sailing schedule and local transportation arrangement as well as response from airlines/shipping lines etc. in China and Hong Kong may be affected due to city lockdown or shortage of manpower. Inevitably, factories production, flight/sailing and shipment schedules may also be delayed. Anyhow, we will continue to monitor the developments closely and notify relevant parties with update info as necessary.

In addition, to comply with the further strengthening epidemic containment measures as imposed by the Government in China and Hong Kong, please be advised that Sun Cargo Hong Kong and China Offices have been implemented staggered work shifts and/or work-from-home pattern currently. Nevertheless, we will ensure our timely and effective response to your emails and requests as always and we will deliver our work to the best of our abilities/capabilities in this critical period.

The well-being, health and safety of our employees remain our top priority. We are doing everything we can to keep our employees, their family and communities safe while we continue to support our customers/business partners with our utmost effort and do our part to help combat this pandemic.

Thank you for your attention and we truly grateful for your support.