Public Holidays in 2023
22 December 2022

Please be advised that Sun Cargo HKG and PRC offices will be closed on the following dates in 2023 for Public Holidays:

Sun Cargo / HKG Office
02 Jan (Mon)

23 Jan (Mon) – 25 Jan (Wed)

05 Apr (Wed)

07 Apr (Fri)

08 Apr (Sat)

10 Apr (Mon)

01 May (Mon)

26 May (Fri)

22 Jun (Thu)

01 July (Sat)

30 Sep (Sat)

02 Oct (Mon)

23 Oct (Mon)

25 Dec (Mon)

26 Dec (Tue)

The day following the first day of January

Lunar New Year’s Holiday

Ching Ming Festival

Good Friday

The day following Good Friday

Easter Monday

Labour Day

The Birthday of the Buddha

Tuen Ng Festival

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

The day following National Day

Chung Yeung Festival

Christmas Day

The first weekday after Christmas Day


Sun Cargo / PRC Offices
31 Dec 2022 (Sat) – 02 Jan (Mon)

21 Jan (Sat) – 27 Jan (Fri)


05 Apr (Wed)

29 Apr (Sat) – 03 May (Wed)


22 Jun (Thu) – 24 Jun (Sat)


29 Sep (Fri) – 06 Oct (Fri)

New Year’s Holiday

Lunar New Year’s Holiday

**28 Jan (Sat) and 29 Jan (Sun) – Normal Operations

Ching Ming Festival

Labour Day

**23 Apr (Sun) and 06 May (Sat) – Normal Operations

Tuen Ng Festival

**25 Jun (Sun) – Normal Operations

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day

**07 Oct (Sat) and 08 Oct (Sun) – Normal Operations

Normal operations will be resumed on the next day after the holiday.

To avoid any inconvenience, please make necessary pre-arrangement of your shipments.