Red Sea attacks by the Yemen’s Houthis movement on 18 December 2023, force rerouting of vessels
20 December 2023

Pending measures to secure the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, most of the ocean carriers have decided to redirect their vessels towards the Cape of Good Hope, on the southern tip of Africa.
This decision should have a lasting impact on the flow of goods with the following possible consequences :

  • More disruptions of sailing schedule, longer transit time is expected
  • An extension of vessel rotation by 2 to 4 weeks
  • Port congestions are expected
  • Lack of equipment and capacity for road re-deliveries, particularly in Europe
  • Shortage of equipment and capacity departing from Asia within the coming days / weeks
  • An introduction of various surcharges to cover additional costs of the carriers

Sun Cargo teams are monitoring the vessels that are being rerouted and we are in close contact with the shipping lines to provide updated information to our customers/partners.

Thank you for your attention.